Get To Know Sherry

In 2002, when I was inspired to compete by my friend, and IFBB Fitness Pro, Sandra Wickham. I joined Sandra's dance team, Lean Motion. This was the opening entertainment for local bodybuilding and fitness shows. I really enjoyed the fitness aspect of it and the adrenaline rush that overcame me at each performance as I was once on the Fitness World Demo I decided This all lead me to compete. I began my training by hiring trainer and Figure Diva, Lara Tamereski.

I also became close to another fitness and figure competitor named Sandy Vu. Both Sandy and Lara were excellent motivators who clearly knew their stuff. This helped me achieve a WNBF Pro Card in both fitness and figure. After gaining my Pro status and competing in 2002 Ms. Exercise World in New York City, I walked away with 1st place in both fitness and figure and I was hooked. This is how I met a very popular WNBF Pro bodybuilder, Dave Goodin aka Texas Shredder. He invited me down to down to Austin, Texas to train and shadow him while he trained others. Dave Goodin and I have become great friends and he is now one of my biggest mentors in this industry. He has won many titles and is also the promoter of the Texas Shredder Classic. Dave educated me well and when I returned back to Canada in July 2003, I was able to share my experience and knowledge with Steve Nash Fitness World now known as Fitness World, members, and staff which lead me to move up to the next level of my career, BCRPA certified personal trainer and (SFL) Supervisor to Group Fitness Instructors.

In 2005, after competing at the NPC Emerald Cup, I learned of another amazing trainer, Mike Davies. After seeing and admiring his very conditioned clients, I knew I had to contact him and see if he could take me on as well. Fortunately, he accepted me as a new client, and I had the opportunity of attending my first camp in March 2006 in Columbus, Ohio. I was able to see first hand what great shape his clients had attained by training with Mike. I was taught how to "Train like a girl" as Mike would say, and how to make healthy choices to attain a fit and balanced physique and lifestyle. Eventually, his skills and teachings lead me to win my IFBB Pro Card at the North Americans in Cleveland, Ohio and then years later I was accepted to the JIBC to train and become a BC Deputy Sheriff at the age of 42. Once I turned 50, I decided to retire my Sheriff Badge to follow my dream of owning my own Beauty Clinic with my youngest daughter, Brianne.

All this goes to show, hard work and determination can take you where you want to go. Never give up your dreams and goals at any age. If you want it bad enough and put in the work, it can happen for you as it did for me!

I decided to start competing after my second child in 1998 in various fitness categories. I loved the challenges and benefits involved in promoting a drug-free, healthy, fit, and positive lifestyle.

In 1996, I completed my schooling to become a BC Licensed cosmetologist. I then studied and practiced to become a BCRPA certified Group Fitness and weight training instructor. In 2004, I then added to my list of certifications a BCRPA certified Personal Trainer for Steve Nash Fitness World.

I am a "Lifetime Natural" now-retired IFBB fitness professional, born in Victoria, BC. I lived in Richmond, BC up until 1982 and then I moved to Pender Harbour, BC (Sunshine Coast) This is where I was first introduced to aerobics classes. At the age of 15, I would attend a fitness class once a week at the local community hall which was put on by my very first mentor, Mokie Barabash-Burnham. I really looked up to her because she was fit, positive, and a mother in great shape. She became very inspirational to me, so after graduating from Pender Harbour Secondary in 1986, I moved to the Lower Mainland and joined a local gym Fitness World aka Steve Nash Fitness World, which is where I still continue to teach group fitness classes.