Darcy Eggleston

In 2015/2016, I was away from work for a year to get treatment for PTSD that resulted from my military service. Prior to having to seek treatment, I was 215 lbs, a weight that was far and above my average weight of 175 lbs when I was in the military.I was not happy, I was not fit and yo-yo dieting did not solve the weight issue. While I was receiving treatment for PTSD, my therapist explained that veterans who are involved in sports and fitness activities also respond to treatment well, and it assists in achieving better sleep.After speaking to Sherry, who was one of my employees in the Sheriff Service, she encouraged me to join her fitness classes at the Victoria Steve Nash Fitness World. I decided to give it a try! It was tough, it was not easy and there were much fitter and younger people in her class, but she encouraged me to stay with it.It worked--I began to lose weight and began to become more fit. It wasn't long before I had gone down to 180 lbs and I was keeping up with everyone in her class. In 2016, I was the Success Story for Steve Nash Victoria, and Sherry accompanied me at her own expense to be there when I was honoured at the celebrations in Vancouver.Two years later, I am fitter than ever and have replaced fat with muscle and continue to excel at her classes.Thank you, Sherry! You are a game-changer!

-Darcy Eggleston (Superintendent Vancouver Island Sheriff Services)