Grace Yong

During my pregnancy Sherry has been an invaluable resource to me not only for the actual working out part, but the useful information she imparts to you since she has been through the same experiences four times over. I am excited to know that Sherry will be there for me after the birth of my child to guide me back to my pre-pregnancy state.

I consider Sherry to be the all-around Personal Trainer and I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants true results with a trainer that truly understands your needs and the road it takes to get there.

Sherry also specializes in pre-natal and post-natal workouts, She is a mother of four children and understands the process of staying fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy and safe exercises to do for each trimester of your pregnancy. As well, she knows the hard work that is needed to lose pregnancy weight post-pregnancy.

I have been training with Sherry since 2004, and since that time, she has not only been my Personal Trainer, but I have developed a true friendship with her as well. As an Elite Trainer, Sherry has a vast knowledge of fitness and exercises to get the results that you need. she also provides invaluable information in terms of nutrition because nutrition plays a huge part in achieving your fitness goals. She understands the physiology and anatomy of the human body and she knows specific exercises to target specific areas of the body. Sherry is encouraging and she pushes you to your limits to ensure you maximize your hour with her. On days when you don't feel like working out initially, she pushes you and reminds you why you are working out, and the goals you are working towards. Even if you think you can't do another rep, you end up doing 3 more reps because of her encouragement and wanting to do just that little extra bit.

-Grace Yong