BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer & IFBB Fitness Professional

Competing for me means enjoying the journey every step of the way as maintaining a positive attitude. I have competed in various divisions since 1998, but my ultimate favorite is the fitness division. I won my IFBB Pro Fitness status at the GNC North Americans in September of 2010, just 16 months after I had my fourth child. An enormous thanks to my Family and Friends who constantly support and encourage me. Most importantly to my former trainer - Mike "Beefcake" Davies. His discipline and bluntness pushed me hard to achieve my IFBB Pro card.

Fitness for me means making healthy food choices, remaining drug-free for life (including fat burners), working out 4-6 times per week, maintaining balance in all aspects of my life, sharing my fitness knowledge to help encourage others, drinking water and getting 8 hours of sleep. Growing up I had an immense amount of energy and I enrolled in many team sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, rugby, and track. I began teaching group fitness in 1994 and then entered my first competition in 1998. I have also participated in competitive mixed Dragon Boating from 2018. Water skiing, biking, and hiking are also other outdoor favorites. Being fit and healthy improves the quality of my life and has allowed me to be a great role model for my four children.

Beauty for me doesn't just mean a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight but more so having qualities such as Integrity, Honesty, and Respect for others! Whoever you may be on the inside will also be shown on the outside.

Start Today, Tomorrow Never Comes. If you have any fitness or beauty related questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I love helping people and sharing knowledge in the world of parenting, fitness, health, and beauty. Please keep in mind that I do not write competition diets, as it is not under my scope of practice. However, I can advise you on how to make balanced choices and eat clean based on the Canada Food Guidelines. If you want to join me for a group fitness class, you can find me at the Uptown Fitness World in Victoria, BC.