My Trainer

Mike "Beefcake"  Davies

I have been training with Mike Davies - owner of the Fitness Factory from Columbus, Ohio since October 2005. At that time I was preparing for the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic which we only had 6 weeks to prepare. I am happy to say I won my class in Fitness and the Overall which qualified me for the BC Provincials the following year. During that time it was trial and error for both of us. For him it was getting to know how my body responded to diet and training his way and for me it was trusting him and the fact that most of the learning is done online. In 2006, I place third at the BC Provincials and then at the 2007 BC Provincials I went on to win my class and the Overall title, which not only qualified me for the 2007 CBBF Canadian Nationals where I placed 2nd in my class, but it qualified me for life at that level. Since then he helped me stay fit and healthy through a long nine months of pregnancy and then once again begin my journey towards the 2009 CBBF Canadian Nationals, where I landed 5th place in fitness. That being said, I am very happy with my results with Mike thus far and look forward to his fitness camps once a year, as he has helped me to become a stronger trainer. I am so excited to have achieved my IFBB Pro card at the 2010 North Americans and I am looking forward to many more exciting years with Mike. He has taught me that it is not about winning, it's about completing the journey and enjoying it! 

Interested in competing, check out Mikes site by clicking here