Personal Training

COVID-19 Concerns?
The pandemic has caused many concerns with regard to attending fitness facilities and large gatherings. If you would prefer to train one on one or small group of friends and continue to practice social distancing, then Perspecta Training is the choice for you!

Why choose me?
I am a BCRPA certified Supervisor to Fitness Leaders and a Personal Trainer. I provide a varying degree of knowledge of fitness involved in exercise prescription and instruction for all levels. I motivate my clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability in a healthy and positive atmosphere. I have done my part by taking the Beauty Safe level 1 & 2 certification courses to ensure my training surroundings are held to the highest standards of modern protocols aka The New Normal.

Want to learn more about me?
Please refer to my Client's Testimonials page as well as my Certifications page on the right. I am continuously learning as I attend fitness conferences and take courses to keep up with the Fitness World. 
All consultations are complimentary.  Click here to print the  Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR Q form) and bring it with you to your consultation.

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