Naked Warrior (WBC)

Naked Warrior aka (WBC - Weightless Bootcamp) is a 30 minute intense class format to whip you into ultimate shape!
“Naked” means no equipment, and “warrior” represents strength, stamina, and a fighting spirit. Completing monthly progressive
cycles that focus on improving total fitness in a no-nonsense way. We meet at the Steve Nash Fitness World - Uptown Victoria Club
on the Group Fitness floor every Tuesday at 8:00 pm and at Juan De Fuca Recreation every Wednesday at 7:15 pm.
Month 1 - Strength
Month 2 - Stamina
Month 3 - Fighting Spirit
Month 4 - Instructor choice

Naked Warrior is followed by 25 minutes of a Core and Stretch.
Weightless Boot Camp is followed by High Low Express and Static Stretching!
All levels welcome!

Included in your SNFW membership!
Juan De Fuca Recreation Center - Drop in payments or registered.